Design of workspace

Your work environment affects your work and the quality of exchange with the world.

I help you to design your workspace where you feel good, where you can work well and feel energised. 

You can do this:

Get your desk organised and declutter. After this has been done, install lighting to have good light condition and control also air condition.

I do the rest:

I set your best desk position
The single most important aspect of your work space's feng shui is your desk location. For maximum flow and productivity, place your desk so you can see most of the room when you're sitting there. You should be able to see the entryway, but you should not be directly in line with the door. Also the best word side is important to headded by working.

I sett desks for success
This is considered the most vital step of workspace arrangement according to Feng Shui principles.

I use the Bagua map (a tool that helps decide which part/space of your desk correlated to your personal life) to arrange your desk. According to this map, different parts of a desk represent different parts of an individual’s life.

I designed your office 

I choose the best colours, materials and plants in your office. Also I design tailor made furniture fitted to you and style of your work.