Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions

  1. We issue the Gift Voucher in Czech Crowns (CZK). The value of the Gift voucher is determined by the ordering person.


  1. The Gift Voucher will be issued at specific name or text, which can be chosen by the ordering person for the recipient of the Gift Voucher (e.g. For: Marie Krásná, For: Mr. and Mrs. Dvořák to their 25th wedding anniversary, For:  The Newly Weds Anna and David Beneš, For: Our Dear Daddy Jan Horák ….)


  1. The Gift Voucher is issued based on the order and after having paid its value by the ordering person. We send the Gift Voucher by post to the address of the ordering person or it is possible to arrange a personal takeover.


  1. If the value of  the ordered services is higher than the price on the Gift Voucher, the difference in price will be paid by the recipient of the Gift Voucher


  1. If the price of the ordered services is lower, the value of the Gift Voucher is not returned.


  1. The Gift Voucher can only be used for the usage of services of the interior designer and Feng–Shui advisor specified at www. and it cannot be exchanged for cash and other financial compensation.


  1. The Gift Voucher can be applied only once and no later than the date of validity stated on the Gift Voucher, i.e. 1 calendar year from the date of issuance.